Haven't made the switch to server virtualization, but need the rapid backup and recovery that virtualization affords? Not to worry, Priorpoint can provision an affordable cloud backup solution that bridges the gap between physical and virtual server backup and recovery.

One of the many benefits of a Priorpoint cloud backup is the ability to store a local copy of your nightly backup. When combined with our Virtual Recovery Unit (VRU) , in the event of a complete server failure your local backups can be quickly recovered to a virtual machine. This eliminates the need to wait for replacement hardware and has you back up and running in record time.


The VRU is a server running either a Windows or VMWare hypervisor and contains a Linux or Windows virtual machine dedicated to processing daily backups. The daily cloud backups are stored both locally and remotely to protect against server and site level disasters. In the event of a catastrophic server failure, you recover directly to a VM hosted on the VRU.


By adding a VRU (Virtual Recovery Unit) to your Priorpoint backup strategy, you gain the ability to quickly recover any physical or virtual server into a virtual environment hosted on the VRU. This solution is especially beneficial for recovery of physical servers, as it eliminates the need to wait for a replacement server before beginning the recovery process.