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Benefits of Working Together

The modern-day law practice is using technology tools to help lawyers become more productive; unlocking capabilities to work remotely, hold virtual meetings with clients, and conduct deeper and faster research; all ultimately to help increase revenues of their law practice. We have experience with legal and real estate management applications, collaboration tools, electronic signature and other applications and can support your everyday needs.

While there is an array of technology available, you need the right experts as a trusted partner to ensure your investment is protected. We work with law firms and solo practitioners who rely on us to implement and support the right technology, letting them focus on their clients.

Capitalize on Our Expertise

Using our collective understanding and knowledge of law practices, you have assurance that your current and future IT needs stay aligned with the next generations of technologies.

Safeguard Your Business

Mitigating risks for loss of data, delay of data retrieval or hardware outages is critical for businesses. We work with you to replicate, restore, and recover from any potential data loss situation.

Worry-Free IT Management

We take the worry out of technical issues, help plan and design, and assist in optimizing your technology so you can focus on what is most important, your  law practice.

Utilize Our IT Department

Whether we are your IT department or if we augment your talented team, our role is to help manage any issues, in any area, at any time. You can depend on us 24/7/365.

Access to Knowledge

With our collective years of experience, you have access to the latest IT knowledge and resources to make sure your company remains in the forefront. And the best part - cost effectively.

Going Beyond

As technology continuously evolves, continued success requires agility. We will embrace the future together and exceed expectations.

Our Services for Legal Practices

Manage Cloud Computing

Infrastructure management made easy

Maintaining, supporting, replacing on-premises servers is a costly endeavor. Priorpoint's secure, always available cloud computing services makes server management easy, scalable and the expense predictable.

Desktop as a Service

Work from Anywhere

In today's world, the ability to work away from the office is a necessity. We provide secure access to your files and applications anywhere you need to work, while reducing your cost for managing your computers.

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protect your data

Your business data is one of your most valuable assets. We'll' protect it from human error, ransomware or acts of god. Options to recover locally or in the Cloud is yours.

IT Support/Help Desk

There when you need us

Get quick, responsive support to your IT issues. No more waiting hours and days for support. Support requests are acknowledged in 15 minutes.

Microsoft 365 

Be productive - Be secure

We'll manage Microsoft's Office Suite of products to keep them current on your desktop or in the cloud so that your team is productive and secure.

Email Services

Securely communicate with your customers

Be confident that you can securely share information with your customers using our secure end to end, encrypted email services.

Managed Network

Keeping the "bad" guys out

We'll safeguard your network from unwanted access to your business data with our managed firewall, mobile vpn, multifactor authentication and network services.

Managed Servers and Desktops

Proactive protection for your computers

Keeping computer operating systems and virus protection current is "key" to protecting your business. Unfortunately, it is an often-forgotten task. We won't forget.

Security Awareness

Training to keep you secure

Knowledge provides security. We can tailor an Awareness Program to help educate your team to recognize and protect the business from Phishing, Spear phishing and Social Engineering Attacks.

IT Consulting

Proven Experience

To provide guidance, you must first listen to understand and then apply your experience to solve problems. This is what we do.

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